Training Management and Performance Support From Customized Interventions.

  Because Training Alone Won't Produce Results. 

iRIZE Performance Consulting


We focus on you and how you develop your workforce. We advise, assess, design, and deliver organizational development performance solutions.

Senior Talent Leaders. Vet your workforce development concerns, ideas, plans, and ambitions with iRIZE Performance Consulting (iPC). We know what you do and why you do it. We know how important the selection, onboarding, and development of your talent is to the growth and competitiveness of your business. Consult with iPC and envision what’s possible.

Learning & Development Directors and Managers. We invite you to experience performance catalysts that disrupt training as usual and facilitate the strategies with which you have been entrusted. The training programs, platforms, and vendors that you trust will only get you but so far. We will enhance and refine the skills, abilities, and behaviors that made you and those you develop training for successful..

 Frontline Leaders. You have been through your fair share of training and so has you’re your team. Don't settle for just another course or training event. Elevate you and your team’s performance through targeted interventions, not just training. Increase your organizational and self-awareness as you lead your teams to achieve greater results. Learn what it means to "stand where you sit."  


Our Rules

iRIZE Performance Consulting addresses the needs of the workforce and its learning leaders. 

We adopted an important principle from a grade school teacher who said: "I don't teach for income, I teach for outcome." 

It's quite simple. Four major rules we live by:

1. No training for training's sake - targeted interventions get results

2. Performance-based experience dictates what's learned, not training events

3. If it won't be measured it won’t be developed nor taught

4. Trained behaviors are linked to the objective KPIs


Intervention v Training Philosophy

An intervention is an action taken to improve the situation. It’s the act of interfering with the outcome or course of a condition, situation, or process so as to prevent harm or improve functioning. It’s not a word typically associated with training, however, it is the word iPC uses to exalt what training is intended to do.  An intervention is a combination of programmatic elements or strategies designed to produce behavior changes linked to performance outcomes, discernable success measures, or key performance indicators (KPIs). We assume you want your workforce trained to improve upon behaviors you find desirable or to achieve desired states for which they lack capacity, ability, or desire. Whatever the reason, another training program or superbly facilitated course probably won’t make the difference you are looking for. Only a targeted intervention, a specific rendering of a solution set, designed, delivered and measured just for you, will make the differences you need. Doing the same thing over and over again has proven to achieve more of the same results. 

Different results require a different approach to training. 


Our Expertise

iRIZE Performance Consulting demonstrates the leadership competencies you can trust. We are comprised of a network of training design, delivery and consulting experts wholly committed to your ultimate success. We are practitioners, academics, thought-leaders, executives, and life-long learners that are comfortable with the complexity of organizational dynamics and promote growth beyond disruption to agility.   

We have demonstrated an ability to achieve transformational results through our accumulated efforts in leadership and organizational development, training design and delivery, training program management, and work in nearly all other adjacent fields. 


What We Do

Talent Leadership Advisory and Consulting Services

Bespoke Traning / Intervention Design

Deliver Custom Content from Core Practice Areas 

Personality Assessments and Coaching

Training Related Performance Coaching (New)

Key Meeting Facilitation

Deliver Learning Related Keynote Addresses



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